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Sage’s Meat Processing & Catering, Inc-bulk meat bundles
Date: August 4, 2010 By: Susan Y.
Love this place! Been doing our farm raised beef meat processing Grand Rapids for years. Really good people and the cleanest processing place I know of. They are located nearly 1 hr. away, but i don't care, they are worth the drive if you want your meat done right and great service. Now is an even better time to buy from Sage's Meat! Sage’s Meat processing and catering Meat processing Grand Rapids in Greenville, Michigan is having their annual spring BBQ sale! Great meat at an even better price, go buy lots and eat like an American!
Pace Trailer Sales - Michigan-Shopping
Date: August 4, 2010 By: Bill Purem
If your looking for a semi trailer in our great state of Michigan. I would recommend you check out the good people at Pace Trailer Sales of Michigan . Pace Trailer of Michigan offers a large selection of new and used semi trailers. Their inventory includes a broad spectrum of manufacturers, types, sizes and price ranges. Let the sales staff assist you with making choices that are right for you. If you have questions regarding what trailer most fits your needs, buying new versus used, or if you should trade in your current trailer, they can help you make those decisions. Pace Trailer Sales of Michigan also specializes in hard to find lift gate parts and all of your cargo control requirements. Let their experienced staff help you out with all of your parts needs. Local deliveries are available daily. They are really the only place you will need for all your trailer needs. Check them out!
Pace Trailer Sales - Michigan-Service
Date: August 4, 2010 By: Joe Truck
Pace Trailer Sales of Michigan offers a broad spectrum of new and used semi trailers as well as customized solutions for dock to trailer automation in material handling. They have focused on making your Pace experience one of quality and simplicity. If you have a trailer like me that needs immediate attention do what I did bring it to Pace have them fix it and rent a replacement trailer on a short term basis so you don't miss any business! Time is money, for you and for me. As you know our industry is aggressively competitive given the current economic challenges. What’s more cost effective than being able to go to one place for all of your semi-trailer needs and being able to trust that Paces Trailer Sales of Michigan team’s main goal is to execute the repair right, the first time, every time. Life is busy enough trust me what ever it is you need Pace can take care of it for you. Pace Trailer Sales of Michigan even offers complete graphics including preparation and installation to make your trailer look its best!
Roosien & Associates A+ BBB rating
Date: August 3, 2010 By: Satisfied Customer
Roosien & Associates has provided the West Michigan area with prompt and professional land surveying and engineering services since 1987. As a realtor I have come to depend on this company and the Grand Rapids land surveyor they provide. They can almost always finish a survey in 24 hours. I can't tell you how convenient this has been over the years. Roosien & Associates has been a BBB Accredited business since June 1991 with a rating of A+. If your not happy with the service you have been using then I strongly suggest you giveGrand Rapids land surveyor a try!
Roosien & Associates quailty surveyor service
Date: August 3, 2010 By: Phil G.
"Professional land surveyor", a lot of companies advertise as such but how truly professional are they? If you are like me when you need the work done you often need it yesterday or a close to that time as possible. Well Roosien & Associates in my experience take your business as seriously as you do. They are well know through out the West Michigan area and because of this Grand Rapids land surveyor findings in my time using them are never questioned. If you shop around "and I have" you can find companies that are a bit less expensive,but if the job isn't done right the first time are they really cheaper? If your money depends on the company you pay to do the job correctly and on time then why not contact Grand Rapids land surveyor ? You can take it from someone who has been around, they may cost a bit more but there is a reason they are the best!
Phelps Community -Affordable living
Date: August 2, 2010 By: Rick K.
Any one looking for manufactured homes in the Decatur or Dowagiac areas of Michigan would do well to check into what is available from the company Phelps Community . They also have lots available in the Decatur or Dowagiac areas of Michigan. They have some lovely homes for sale on large wooded lots. They also offer financing on their homes or a substantial discount for buyers that want to pay in cash. With monthly payments as low as two hundred dollars a month why not buy? If your interested in owning your own home they are the people to contact. Most of their lots are located in Decatur Michigan. So whether you live in the Decatur or Dowagiac area why not take a nice drive and see what they have to offer.
Phelps Community - Country living
Date: August 2, 2010 By: happy home owner
Phelps Community is a wooded community with close access to the Decatur and Dowagiac area . Residents enjoy large wooded lots in a country setting. The community is located small quiet community located between Decatur and Dowagiac. This rural setting consists of 35 lots. If your looking for a rural setting in Southwest Michigan be sure and visit with our on-site manager to learn more about Phelps Community. Country living with the quite of owning your own home often at a lower price than you are currently paying for rent? If the privacy and quite that can only be found by owning your own home in a beautiful wooded location sounds like what you have been looking for then its time to move to Phelps Community.
Michigan DJ
Date: July 11, 2010 By: Glen G
Diverse Sounds got the party started at my wedding reception. The Disc jockey Grand Rapids was easy to work with, he wanted to know my 'must hears' and if there was any music I wanted omitted. They did a great job keeping the music rolling with no dead air or equipment issues. I would recommend them to anyone here in the Disc jockey Grand Rapids area.
Fennvile homes for sale
Date: July 11, 2010 By: Travis V
I just bought a place in Fennville, MI. It is in a community called Dogwood Community. Fennville has shopping, banking, restaurants and churches or malls and big city amenities are only a 30 minute drive away. Anyone who is looking for a manufactured or double wide home should check this community out.
Lawn Care Service
Date: July 11, 2010 By: Brent F
Between work and the kids I don't have a lot of time for my mowing and Landscaping Grand Rapids . I always end up with a yard full of weeds and over grown shrubs by the end of summer. This year I decided to hire a lawn care provider to keep my yard looking up to par (and to keep the neighbors off my back). A good friend of mine recommended a local Grand Rapids company called Legend Services Inc. I gave them a call and found out that they were very reasonably priced. It is the middle of summer now and my lawn has never looked better. Legend Services really spruced up my property and freed me up to spend more time with the kids. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a lawn care or mowing company. The great thing is when the winter comes they are a Landscaping Grand Rapids as well!
Wooded Community-Dogwood
Date: July 8, 2010 By: That one guy
If you are looking for a wooded community for your manufactured home thats close to the Lake Michigan shore line then you owe it to yourself to take a look at what Dogwood Manor has to offer. Its location "5289 124th Ave Fennville, MI 49408" is close to both to Holland and Zeeland. They also offer some very nice homes for sale. The last time I was there I saw one that had a Large deck off the slider and a very nice shed included. They also offer financing on their homes or a substantial discount for buyers that want to pay in cash. With monthly payments as low as two hundred dollars a month why not buy? If your interested in owning your own home they are the people to contact. Most of their lots are located just a few minutes drive to lake Michigan so why not take a nice drive and see what they have to offer.
Hidden Valley Community Pleasant
Date: July 8, 2010 By: Steve Phillips
I recently moved my Double Wide to a new location and I am so happy with it I thought I would share a few words with you folks. The name of the place is Hidden Valley Community and the name holds up. It is located at 3917 E. Stage Rd. Ionia, MI 48846. It is far enough out that some of the traffic that often frequents manufactured home communities here in West Michigan doesn't find its way here. Still people need to be able to work and shop so the location is very important. Located midway between Grand Rapids and Lansing the large city amenities are close by. The town of Ionia offers shopping for nearly everything. Currently the lot rent at Hidden Valley is $295.00 per month, and includes water, sewer, and trash pickup. If your tired of living a community where the traffic keeps you up at night maybe a move to the country is in order. Give them a call at 616-527-4407 and set up an appointment to have a look around, I am glad I did.
Ionia Manufactured Homes
Date: July 8, 2010 By: Happy home owner
The housing market has been stagnet for quite a while now. The reasons for this are many. One of the main reasons is the lack of money being lent by banks. Its seems the only people who qualify for a loan these days are either so rich they don't need one or a large corporation that donated a lot of money to govenment officals. Since you are reading this you are not part of either of the groups I mentioned. That brings me to my point. What is a person who has a good job and wants to buy a home to do. Well I will tell you what I did. Living here in West Michigan I had already heard of Hidden Valley Community. They have a good number of high quality manufactured homes and they would like to sell them. This is how I bought mine, I went there and spoke to the onsite manager. He explained that since they were part of a much larger business that has locations through out Michigan they have access to money! What an idea they lend you the money so you can bye the home from them! I have been very happy to have my pay check building equity in my own home. If you would like to say the same contact Hidden Valley community or their parent company Concord Properties.
Concord Properties Quality
Date: July 7, 2010 By: Rick the Realtor
If your in the market for Rental Housing or Manufactured Home living then the Michigan based company Concord Management may be of help to you. They have been providing affordable single family rental Doublewide Houses Michigan in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area since 1979. As a realtor I have had the opportunity to visit several of their locations. I have found that they are consistent in the quality they provide. Whether it is Rental Housing or Manufactured Home living their eye for Doublewide Houses Michigan will help to ensure that you get a well maintained home. Concord has homes in seven different locations here in Michigan. So if your looking to rent or buy do yourself a favor and give Concord a try.
Concord Properties Amazing Selection
Date: July 7, 2010 By: John Gerky
I was recently looking for a place for my retired parents to live. They no longer enjoy living in the city and were interested in finding a home in the country. Since they have a fixed budget and a clear idea of the type of community they were looking for I thought finding the right Doublewide Houses Michigan may take a lot of work. This is why I offered to help. As I began looking for a place here in the West Michigan area I came across a business called Concord Properties. With seven locations here in West Michigan they offer Manufactured Doublewide Houses Michigan for sale at many differnt price points. The home my parents ended up purchasing was in Cedar Springs just north of there former location in Grand Rapids. Concord Properties provides financeing if needed. My parents were able to make the purchase out right and got a very good deal. I would recommend Concord Properties to anyone they have an amazing selection.
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